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*Magatama Info/Permissions


*IC Inbox (it exists now)
*Application (contains some AA6 spoilers)


*Identia Profile
*IC Inbox
*Overflow Post
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phoenix wright
Player: Gore
Canon: Ace Attorney
Canon Point: Post-AA6 Case 5
Alignment: Peromei
Date of Entry: 10/05/2016

His application is here!

Phoenix's thoughts are displayed in blue text, in reference to the games, and he'll often have internal thoughts during threads. The general rule I'm following in bracketed threads is that whenever his thoughts are definitely being broadcast over the amulet, the blue text will be shown outside of the brackets. When the bluetext is inside the brackets, the thoughts are not necessarily meant to be broadcast, but you can ask me if you wish your character to overhear the thoughts.
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What is the Magatama?

The Magatama is a mystical item from the Ace Attorney series that Phoenix holds in his possession. It is a small object associated with the Kurain spirit channelers and it is infused with spiritual energy. While Phoenix is holding onto it, it can alert him as to when someone is telling a lie, whether it is intentionally or due to repressed memories. This is metaphorically represented to Phoenix in the form of a series of chains appearing by the person, which are held in place by certain locks known as Psyche-Locks. Phoenix then has the choice to either work at unlocking the truth or just leave it be.

Wait, hold up. What the hell are these Psycho Locks?

I'm glad that you decided to ask that very specific question! Psyche-Locks are the visual representation of the person's lies, and they only appear to the person holding the Magatama; the person displaying the Psyche-Locks will be clueless about their appearance.

Typically, each Psyche-Lock represents a specific aspect or layer of the person's lie. Depending on how complicated and severe the lie is, there can be as few as just one Psyche-Lock or as many as five

There are also two different types of Psyche-Locks, which depend on the type of lie. The most commonly-induced ones are the red Psyche-Locks, which are the only ones which Phoenix will ICly try to open. The red Psyche-Locks simply appear when someone is intentionally lying in order to hide the truth about a matter. The other type would be black Psyche-Locks, which appear when someone is lying without being aware of it, usually because of traumatic repressed memories. Phoenix will ICly leave these be, as trying to force black Psyche-Locks open can apparently result in permanent mental and spiritual damage to the person holding the secret.

So, how are these things unlocked?

Well, with red Psyche-Locks, it's simple. When trying to unlock the Psyche-Locks, Phoenix will walk the person through the facts and point out contradictions, either through evidence he has on hand or through pure logic. These contradictions point out aspects of the lie while hinting at part of the truth. And as parts of the lie are pointed out, the Psyche-Locks will fall apart one by one. Once they are all gone, the chains will disappear from Phoenix's vision, and the lying party will be left only with a truth to confess.

There are also some types of subversions that can be used as well. At different points in the games, there are cases where pointing out just one thing manages to break all or most of the Psyche-Locks, either for comedic effect or to highlight the importance of whatever that evidence is to the person.

As for black Psyche-Locks, they are a murky area. But as said above, Phoenix will avoid trying to unlock them (except under extreme circumstances maybe) so it is a moot point.

Are you going to force us to use these Psyche-Locks whenever our characters lie?

No. I just want to put the option out there, as I'm sure that canon blind people may be intrigued by it and want to use the opportunity. And even canon familiar people could stand to be reminded about the option (I myself keep forgetting about it, hence this post being so delayed). I don't want to force people to abide by it, and there are simple ways to handwave around times when Psyche-Locks should have appeared. Phoenix isn't always holding the Magatama in his hand, after all, and it will only work when he is physically holding it. I also interpret that Psyche-Locks most likely won't appear for very mundane or white lies.

If there are cases when I think that Psyche-Locks could appear and may make a thread interesting, I may try to contact the mun involved to see if it is a good idea. Otherwise, I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not to bring Psyche-Locks into play. Simply indicate the appearance of Psyche-Locks in a tag (and how many, if you've thought about it - but we can always be vague and wing it) and I will work with it! Although, some level of contact and plotting could also be helpful, in order to figure stuff like (1) whether Phoenix will try to unlock the Psyche-Locks or leave them be and (2) the sorts of ways the locks can be unlocked and whether or not Phoenix will succeed. The tricky thing about panfandom is that Phoenix will not always know enough about others to guess at their secrets, but we can always figure out ways to work around such barriers.

Interested parties can contact me through this post or through private messages on plurk or Dreamwidth!

Anything Else to Add?

Why yes there is. Unrelated to the unlocking of Psyche-Locks, but in a general Permissions-y sense, I feel that I should add in a blanket statement that I am perfectly fine with characters who have spiritual senses sensing the spiritual energy within the Magatama!

Further References

For more information on these subjects, there are Ace Attorney wiki entries for the Magatama and Psyche-Locks. Just beware that these articles contain spoilers for most of the Ace Attorney series.

You can also look into the games or at least watching parts of walkthroughs for visual reference! The Magatama and Psyche-Locks first appear in the second case of the second game, Ace Attorney: Justice for All, and afterwards they have some level of useage in all of the 'main' games of the series. Here is one such video compiling several unlockings from the second case of the third game.


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Talk crit to me
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"If you're looking for Phoenix Wright, you've called the Wright number! Leave a message after the beep, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!"
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[Pick which time Trucy returns to check on Daddy?

-When he's still shellshocked and clueless
-When he's in the process of unbinding Maya's body or resting the Feys in bed
-Right after he's done with that and with a blood-stained blue suit
-After he's cleaned up and changed into his new getup?
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[At some point later in the deliberation, after Phoenix has taken note of many of the questions Trucy's been asking, and he's had some time to form some opinions of his own...

He suddenly makes a calm stride through the crowded room, heading right towards the door upstairs. He almost passes Trucy by without acknowledging her at all- except that, as he passes her, he extends a finger and boops her forehead. Then without breaking his movement, he walks on ahead and stops outside the Daryan Crescend door.]


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